Tech, IPOs and Unicorns: Too much money is a good thing, isn’t it?

The tech sector is booming. We live in a time of the mega private business in which the likes of Uber and Airbnb are extending their lives as privately held businesses by delaying public offerings. The venture capital asset class is more buoyant than ever and now includes atypical investors such as hedge and sovereign wealth funds who seek a piece of the action. Governments globally are also trying to attract innovation and tech talent using all manner of inducements, from tax breaks to immigration. So, are we living in the golden age of tech or is the frothy venture capital market a sign of a bubble reminiscent of that which led to the dot com bust of 1999/2000, and why does this matter to entrepreneurs?

#Investor Resources - 14/11/2018

Investor Briefing - Investing in Clean Transport

Forbury Investment Network, in association with Rushlight Events and Grant Thornton, held a successful Investor Briefing on Investing in Clean Transport, 14th March 2018.

#Investor Resources - 28/03/2018

Technological Advances in Construction

The construction industry has seen a host of technological innovation which have changed the work in that space. With the prevalence of instant communication and wearable technology, we see a multitude of opportunities to enable growth in that sector. The trends we have seen include:

#Investor Resources - 07/11/2017

Zafar Kanani writes for Finance Digest on What are investor syndicates and how can they work for you?

Angel investing is by its nature a risky endeavour. Every investor naturally has an overarching goal to minimise risk and maximise returns. In the context of angel investing, ensuring that the relevant elements needed to achieve this are in place is easier said than done.

#Investor Resources - 01/11/2017

Start-up businesses: are your ideas protected?

A start-up client of mine recently invested a significant amount of time and money on branding, signage and its website. What it didn’t do was think about whether its chosen name would pose any issues as far as intellectual property rights were concerned.

#Investor Resources - 07/10/2017

The UK is still attractive to overseas investors

Last week, the Hurun Report and Visa Consulting Group suggested that the UK slipped down the list of desirable destinations for high net worth Chinese investors, putting the country behind the USA and Canada to third place.

#Investor Resources - 25/07/2017

Found the perfect venue? Watch out for hidden costs

Simon Ralphs and Clare Garner from Prestige Business Solutions outline the top things to look out for when searching for your perfect location

#Investor Resources - 09/05/2017

(S)EIS continues to dominate UK venture funding

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) have been extremely successful since their respective inceptions. Based on HMRC’s latest available data from October 2016 and London & Partners data, the extent of their popularity is clear, with more than 50% of all venture funding in the UK in 2014 being routed through (S)EIS.

#Investor Resources - 16/02/2017

Tech entrepreneurs: do you have a Will?

Writing a Will is one of the few areas of law which is as yet fairly untouched by recent advancements in technology.

#Investor Resources - 10/06/2016

Don’t just ignore the law

When you’re building your startup, and you’re gathering interest, you get busy fast. Consequently, many startups skimp on the legal side, and understandably so.

#Investor Resources - 27/05/2016

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