Tech entrepreneurs: do you have a Will?

Writing a Will is one of the few areas of law which is as yet fairly untouched by recent advancements in technology.

#Investor Resources - 10/06/2016

The Future of Retail and the Challenge of the Tech Revolution

The UK is known as a nation of shoppers. Over the last few decades shopping has become a leisure activity and shopping centres have become the place to spend at least part of each weekend – an opportunity to look at the latest stock and to try out various dining options.

#Market Research - 03/06/2016

Don’t just ignore the law

When you’re building your startup, and you’re gathering interest, you get busy fast. Consequently, many startups skimp on the legal side, and understandably so.

#Investor Resources - 27/05/2016

Managing Cybersecurity in Your Business

Cyber attacks can lead to all sorts of crises and they don’t just stop at preventing you from getting on with your business. You might just find yourself in breach of your legal obligations.

#Business Resources - 13/05/2016

Lasting Powers of Attorney – options for business owners

The last thing on many business owner’s minds is what would happen if they suffered an accident or illness that meant they became unable to manage their business or personal affairs.

#Investor Resources - 22/04/2016

IoT: The benefits of interconnectedness

Steve Case, the founder of America Online (AOL), recently discussed his forecast of the future of technology in a recent Fortune article. Case briefly outlines his theory of technological innovation, which can be split into three waves:

#News - 08/04/2016

Employee Engagement for growing businesses

For all growing businesses, and for start-ups in particular, one concern which often appears at an early stage is the risk of dilution of the ethos of the organisation as new employees join who may lack buy-in to the founding concepts.

#Business Resources - 01/04/2016

The increasing use of apps in the workplace

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available to smartphone and tablet users, many of which are free. The majority of us own or have access to such devices and will use a range of apps on a daily basis, for example news, music, health and fitness and travel apps to name just a few.

#Market Research - 01/04/2016

Skype comes to Office Online - the benefits and potential pitfalls

Skype (which was purchased by Microsoft in 2007) has recently announced that its audio and chat functions are now integrated into Microsoft’s Office Online and OneDrive - in the words of the company “bringing your Skype experiences together with activities like email and other online services, so that you can get things done faster”.

#News - 25/03/2016

How to protect yourself from your business

As businesses grow, it is very important that business owners consider how to protect their personal wealth from business risks, including their home.

#Investor Resources - 25/03/2016

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