The increasing use of apps in the workplace

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available to smartphone and tablet users, many of which are free. The majority of us own or have access to such devices and will use a range of apps on a daily basis, for example news, music, health and fitness and travel apps to name just a few.

#Market Research - 01/04/2016

Skype comes to Office Online - the benefits and potential pitfalls

Skype (which was purchased by Microsoft in 2007) has recently announced that its audio and chat functions are now integrated into Microsoft’s Office Online and OneDrive - in the words of the company “bringing your Skype experiences together with activities like email and other online services, so that you can get things done faster”.

#News - 25/03/2016

How to protect yourself from your business

As businesses grow, it is very important that business owners consider how to protect their personal wealth from business risks, including their home.

#Investor Resources - 25/03/2016

Value and growth: inextricably linked

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs account for 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK, employing 15.6m people (60% of UK private sector employment) and generate £1.8 trillion in annual turnover (47% of UK private sector turnover). It is no wonder that SMEs are a vital part of any economy, disproportionately impacting job creation and economic growth.

#Market Research - 18/03/2016

Zoopla buys into Prop Tech boom

There has been a marked increase in new prop tech start-ups over the last year as they look to mirror the success of fintech in the property sector.

#News - 04/03/2016

Virtual Reality: what can you expect?

Last week Facebook announced the launch of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP); an engineering-focused, collaboration initiative that is bringing together operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and technology companies to drive innovation in telecom infrastructure and unlock new opportunities.

#News - 26/02/2016

Which side of Brexit do Tech Start-Ups stand?

Digital startups are a significant part of the UK’s economic fabric. The digital economy in the UK is the largest and fastest growing amongst the G20 economies and the sector employs around 1.5 million people (a figure which continues to grow). These are facts not to be messed with.

#News - 19/02/2016

The Internet of Things v Privacy: what it means for the workplace

The rapid development of the internet of things and monitoring technology in the workplace has brought into focus the tension between employees’ right to privacy and employers’ business interests

#Business Resources - 19/02/2016

Why business owners might not want to leave everything to their spouse

If you are married and have an interest in a business, it’s worth considering whether your Will is as inheritance tax efficient as it can be. Where your assets, combined with those of your spouse are likely to exceed £650,000 (plus any available residential nil rate band - being phased in from April 2017), it may be more tax efficient to leave your business assets to a discretionary trust - rather than to your spouse

#Business Resources - 12/02/2016

Investor Briefing: Investing in Energy & Water Infrastructure

Forbury Investment Network held a successful Investor Briefing on 'Investing in Energy & Water Infrastructure', with their collaborators Rushlight Events, on Thursday 3rd December.

#Investor Resources - 09/12/2015

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