Recruiting tech talent from overseas – what you need to know

The success of the UK tech sector in recent years has been built on access to global tech talent in many forms – from tech entrepreneurs wishing to start their business in the UK to the range of skilled tech workers in roles such as cyber security and software development. The government recognises the need for international tech talent and offers various routes. Here, we focus on how UK businesses can sponsor tech workers under the Tier 2 skilled work visa scheme.

#Business Resources - 16/10/2017

Start-up businesses: are your ideas protected?

A start-up client of mine recently invested a significant amount of time and money on branding, signage and its website. What it didn’t do was think about whether its chosen name would pose any issues as far as intellectual property rights were concerned.

#Investor Resources - 07/10/2017

Insurtech: The insurance industry’s boon or bane?

The insurance sector has traditionally operated within the same conventional business models and regulatory frameworks with which we have become so familiar, and with only modest modernisations over the last few decades. Insurtech, which refers to the myriad technology solutions that maximise the efficiency, accessibility and simplification of existing industry models, comes at a time when the industry is struggling to remain competitive in a low interest rate environment amid mounting pressure to increase profitability and efficiency.

#Market Research - 04/09/2017

Overhaul of data protection laws to give individuals more control over personal data

Details of the Data Protection Bill were revealed yesterday. The Government announced that the new laws will provide people with more control over how their personal information is used and ensure that people can withdraw consent to use their data just as easily as they can grant it.

#News - 08/08/2017

The UK is still attractive to overseas investors

Last week, the Hurun Report and Visa Consulting Group suggested that the UK slipped down the list of desirable destinations for high net worth Chinese investors, putting the country behind the USA and Canada to third place.

#Investor Resources - 25/07/2017

Investor Briefing: Investing in Industrial Cleantech

Forbury Investment Network, in association with Metro Bank and Rushlight Events, held a successful Investor Briefing on Investing in Industrial Cleantech, 23rd May 2017.

#News - 06/06/2017

Found the perfect venue? Watch out for hidden costs

Simon Ralphs and Clare Garner from Prestige Business Solutions outline the top things to look out for when searching for your perfect location

#Investor Resources - 09/05/2017

The Impact of Brexit on UK’s Tech Industry

Our Business Immigration solicitor writes on the impact of Brexit and the UK's tech industry

#News - 07/04/2017

Hospitality Industry – Don’t be Hospitable to Cyber Attackers

Many key players in the global hospitality industry have fallen victim to cyber-attacks over recent years, including the Hilton, the Trump Hotels and the Mandarin Oriental. So why are these businesses such tasty targets?

#Business Resources - 06/03/2017

Augmented reality could transform the construction industry

Augmented reality – which Pokémon Go has made people familiar with - could revolutionise the construction industry.

#Business Resources - 20/02/2017

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