Wind Energy Technology

Wind energy involves harnessing the energy generated from winds via turbine mechanisms to generate electricity.

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The Smart Grid

The “Smart Grid” is a generic term that describes the next-generation network of infrastructure supporting electricity distribution around the country.

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Photovoltaics Technology

Photovoltaics is the field of technology concerned with converting energy from the sun, also known as solar energy, into electricity.

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Marine Renewable Energy Technology

Marine Renewable Energy Technologies (MRETs) convert the energy potential of waves and tides into electricity. Several approaches have been devised or are being developed to exploit this energy. Some examples of MRETs include

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Hydrogen Economy

Fluctuating energy costs, vulnerable centralised distribution networks and increasing reliance upon politically unstable regions have been at the heart of issues relating to the use of fossil fuels and their associated effects on climate change.

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Energy Storage

Energy storage is a key technology to facilitate a move to widespread renewable and distributed energy generation. The technology exists today on numerous scales for many different applications.

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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

According to a report by the Committee on Climate Change, buildings were responsible for emitting 70% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions in 2006.

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Distributed Generation

For most of the history of electricity generation power has been produced from large centralised sources.

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Biomass Industry

The term “biomass” refers to biological matter in the form of plants or animals. The processing of biomass can yield a variety of useful end products such as fuel, electricity, heat, renewable construction materials and plant based pharmaceuticals.

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Biofuels Industry

The term ‘biofuel’ is used to describe fossil fuel substitutes manufactured from biomass material such as plant material or other organic matter.

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