Distributed Generation

For most of the history of electricity generation power has been produced from large centralised sources.

#Market Research - 03/06/2013

Biomass Industry

The term “biomass” refers to biological matter in the form of plants or animals. The processing of biomass can yield a variety of useful end products such as fuel, electricity, heat, renewable construction materials and plant based pharmaceuticals.

#Market Research - 03/06/2013

Biofuels Industry

The term ‘biofuel’ is used to describe fossil fuel substitutes manufactured from biomass material such as plant material or other organic matter.

#Market Research - 27/05/2013

Investor briefing - Smart Sustainable Citie - Opportunities and Challenges

Smart Sustainable Cities - Opportunities and Challenges

#Presentations - 27/03/2013

Vision for the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP), explained the vision for the Platform at its VIP launch reception at the Royal Commonwealth Society, on Thursday 14th March, 2013

#News - 20/03/2013

International Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform (CEIP) Launched

New pan-Commonwealth network will link environmental entrepreneurs and companies with international investors

#News - 15/03/2013

UK lawyer supporting enterprise and innovation across the Commonwealth

Michael Sippitt, Chairman of Clarkslegal LLP is challenging entrepreneurs and financial investors to get serious about developing environmental technologies across the Commonwealth

#News - 13/02/2013

The value of a UK education

As the UK’s immigration rules for overseas students continue to tighten, the number of individuals coming to the UK from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to study has been declining.

#News - 06/02/2013

CEIP hub in Canada confirmed

We can now confirm a CEIP hub will be based in Canada

#News - 16/01/2013

CEIP launching in South Africa

We will be hosting events in Durban and Cape Town during February 2013

#News - 09/01/2013

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