CIPD and PA consulting highlight lack of HR input in automation

We are a “long way from the ‘robots will take my job’ anxiety that dominates the media’s image of AI and automation” states Katherine Henley, workforce transformation expert at PA Consulting.

#Business Resources - 30/04/2019

Hey that's my content - now YouTube, where's my licence?

You may have heard that the EU Council has voted in favour of the Copyright Directive passed by the EU Parliament. Existing copyright law within the EU is complicated and varies from country to country. The Directive is an attempt to harmonise copyright law in line with the EU’s Direct Single Market policy. The Digital Single Market is an EU strategy to assist growth to the EU digital economy.

#Business Resources - 30/04/2019

Cybercrime, it can happen to anyone

The takeaway from the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019 is that Cybercrime can happen to us all. It’s a real threat that can have crippling effects on businesses in both the short term, as they can lead to the loss of valuable data and resources, and in the long term, as it often results in the breakdown of existing client relationships and the ability to attract new ones.

#Business Resources - 26/04/2019

The UK is open for Tech: Start-ups continue to grow despite Brexit

The UK continues to focus on attracting the best tech talent to its shores. Since the introduction of the Tier 1 (Exceptional) Talent visa in December 2013, the UK has increased the yearly cap on these visas. Last month and broadened its offer through the introduction of the Start-up and Innovator Visa routes. The Government has made it clear that it intends on making the UK, the top Tech destination of the world. The intention is to provide tech businesses with opportunities to grow and attract talent into the UK. Recent date from Companies house shows that new tech start-ups grew by 14% in 2018. The data that was compiled by accountancy firm, RSM, suggests that despite the economic uncertainty, the tech sector continues to thrive in the UK.

#Business Resources - 18/04/2019

Better facial recognition comes at a price

Facial recognition (“FR”) is rapidly becoming part and parcel of everyday life. Whether to get through passport control or simply to unlock your phone, the technology reads the delicate contours and intricacies of your face to establish identification. Airports market it as a more reliable and efficient means of tracking who enters and exits the country, and Apple says they’re saving you time, better protecting you and the deeply personal information kept on your phone.

#Business Resources - 16/04/2019

Is this AI step too far?

It has been revealed that hundreds of UK business are using artificial intelligence to monitor staff activity. Is this an innovative way to analyse productivity or a stressful scrutinisation of individuals’ activity?

#Business Resources - 12/04/2019

We are all at risk of automation

How fitting that the ONS (Office for National Statistics) should bolster its latest findings on the future of automation in the work place with a helpful robot that, having established your occupation, will inform you of your risk of redundancy.

#Business Resources - 05/04/2019

The future of data privacy – can we take control?

As users, we power the internet through our data. Be it social media, online searches or simple tasks like shopping which we take for granted, our online activities leave a trail of data that has value and is ready to be exploited.

#Business Resources - 13/03/2019

Using technology to save the planet

Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire has become the first in Europe to use technology to capture carbon dioxide produced from burning fuel to generate electricity. This has been commended as a huge step forward in the fight to prevent climate change.

#Business Resources - 11/02/2019

Building connections: the Internet of Things and construction

There is a lot of talk about the “Internet of Things”, or IoT. But what does that actually mean – and what does that mean for the construction industry? The Internet of Things is the term used to describe the networks of objects and systems with embedded sensors, software and network connectivity that allow those objects to collect data and share it. The purpose of all of these sensors is to improve efficiency, productivity, and the user experience – reducing delays and costs along the way.

#Business Resources - 18/01/2019

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