What we can learn from Apple jackin’ it in…

In the last week we’ve seen it all – endless Jack-related puns, Twitter protests of #bringbackthejack and hilarious memes mocking the new Apple AirPods; it’s safe to say that the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 has certainly caused a stir amongst consumers. As with any change there’s bound to be some degree of resistance, but will Apple be able to convince us to enter the wireless world once and for all?

#News - 15/09/2016

Brexit – could adversity breed success?

The last few weeks have been tumultuous to say the least. Four weeks post Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, we have a new Prime Minister, Theresa May; Labour, the main opposition, is a shamble; and a torrent of economic uncertainty which has led to the pound’s devaluation and an increasing likelihood of a technical recession.

#News - 27/07/2016

Driverless Cars - is your start-up getting in the fast lane?

Long is the dream of technophiles over; driverless cars are fast becoming a reality, with the sector enjoying an enormous surge in research and development. Highways England has set a goal of trialling autonomous vehicles on motorways by the end of 2017, and is spending £150million on new technology initiatives.

#News - 20/07/2016

After the Referendum

As immediate political and economic shockwaves of the referendum result pass in days to come, and the UK begins to adjust to a different future, there are few certainties about how the legal and financial frameworks will ultimately be affected.

#News - 24/06/2016

Hey big spender... spend a little less money will you?

The FinTech revolution has been gathering momentum fast with payments, lending and capital markets all experiencing serious disruption.

#News - 20/06/2016

Phishers don’t discriminate against start-ups

Even giants like, Mattel (the toy-manufacturer), aren’t immune to the phishing attacks of those virtual villains who try to obtain sensitive information like credit card details and access codes in order get their hands on your money.

#News - 13/06/2016

IoT: The benefits of interconnectedness

Steve Case, the founder of America Online (AOL), recently discussed his forecast of the future of technology in a recent Fortune article. Case briefly outlines his theory of technological innovation, which can be split into three waves:

#News - 08/04/2016

Skype comes to Office Online - the benefits and potential pitfalls

Skype (which was purchased by Microsoft in 2007) has recently announced that its audio and chat functions are now integrated into Microsoft’s Office Online and OneDrive - in the words of the company “bringing your Skype experiences together with activities like email and other online services, so that you can get things done faster”.

#News - 25/03/2016

Zoopla buys into Prop Tech boom

There has been a marked increase in new prop tech start-ups over the last year as they look to mirror the success of fintech in the property sector.

#News - 04/03/2016

Virtual Reality: what can you expect?

Last week Facebook announced the launch of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP); an engineering-focused, collaboration initiative that is bringing together operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and technology companies to drive innovation in telecom infrastructure and unlock new opportunities.

#News - 26/02/2016

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