The increasing use of apps in the workplace

01 April 2016 03:59 PM | #Market Research

There are hundreds and thousands of apps available to smartphone and tablet users, many of which are free. The majority of us own or have access to such devices and will use a range of apps on a daily basis, for example news, music, health and fitness and travel apps to name just a few.

In addition to consumer apps, there are also a wide range of business apps available, which cover a range of sectors.

The contruction industry in particular has followed this digital technology trend, a movement supported by the Government’s Construction 2025 strategy which promotes the growth of smart technologies.

There are a number of construction focused apps on the market; apps which provide access to key information such as project data, heath and safety regulations and compliance guidelines, project management apps and apps that help construction managers better calculate materials and supplies. Not only do these apps enhance collobration, but they can also help to keep projects on schedule and to cost.

Whether you are a developer of an app or an app user, it is important to bear in mind a number of legal issues:

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Victoria Kempthorne