Robot revolution in the restaurant sector

18 October 2017 03:13 PM | #Market Research

According to a recent study as many as 10 million jobs in the USA could be at risk in the next 5 years from the rise in automated systems in the restaurant sector.

These fears seem to be backed by a recent upturn in venture capitalists focusing on the restaurant tech sector in what has traditionally been towards the bottom of their wish lists.

Examples include:

Zume Pizza are a pizza delivery company using a robot chef and they have managed to raise $48 million to push the business forward.

Momentum Machines who also employ a robot but this time making burgers. They raised $18.4 million earlier in the year including from Silicon Valley tech investors - Google Ventures.

Café X Technologies use a robot in a café setting to take orders, payment and also make coffee. They raised $5 million in their seed round of investment.

Chowbotics specialise in providing robotics to restaurants and first off their production line is a salad making vending machine. Their VC funding is currently over $6 million.

So will machines be taking the jobs of people?

In other sectors it is possible that automation will actually increase orders and so require additional human staff to assist but it is hard to see how employee’s jobs will not be adversely affected in the service and hospitality industry.

The emergence of robot servers in the UK is bound to follow the example that  America has set but to date there has been less activity on this side of the Atlantic.

How long before we walk into a pub and be poured a pint by a robot bar person?