Michael Sippitt speaks at Commonwealth HQ in London about future trends in Commonwealth trade

03 December 2018 10:08 AM | #News

The Commonwealth organised a very stimulating event about future trends in Commonwealth trade at Commonwealth HQ in London on 30 November, addressed by expert panels with diverse professional and international experience.

Michael Sippitt, as Chairman of Clarkslegal and of the Commonwealth Environmental Investment Platform, spoke in particular about the impact of digitalisation on trade and the future of work in developing countries; the regulatory issues that must balance opening up markets with preventing a “Wild West” of exploitative unregulated markets; the value of common legal frameworks to help promote trade; and the importance of Commonwealth values to encourage trade that is sustainable and aligned with addressing key global challenges of climate change, the threat to jobs of artificial intelligence and automation eliminating traditional work, and promoting education and health technological advances that will improve lives across the developing nations of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s ongoing trade policy work provides valuable analysis and insight about investment and trade across the Commonwealth, helping 
inform national leaders to shape policies and regulations to facilitate commerce and remove trade barriers in mutual interest.