Investor Briefing - Investing in Clean Transport

28 March 2018 10:05 AM | #Investor Resources

Forbury Investment Network, in association with Rushlight Events and Grant Thornton, held a successful Investor Briefing on Investing in Clean Transport, on 14th March 2018. 

There are many factors currently affecting the evolution of transport, including air quality concerns, decarbonisation, autonomous vehicles, advances in energy storage, population movement into urban areas, smart cities, the need for reverse logistics and online retailing.

Of all the sectors in the economy, transport is the one which is undergoing the most rapid change at the moment. Having been a laggard compared with the evolution of electricity generation, it is now looking to catch up fast.

For those who would like to view the interesting presentations from Denis Naberezhnykh of Ricardo, Rachel Solomon Williams of Department for Transport and the subsequent panel discussion, the recordings can be found below.


Panellists include: