CITB: Construction’s Digital Future “Depends on the People Who Work in the Industry”

03 December 2018 10:10 AM | #News

In October 2018, the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) produced a new researchreport detailing a skills plan for the construction industry (“Unlocking Construction’s Digital Future: A skills plan for industry”). The report investigates the role technology could play in the construction sector.

To compile the research, the CITB conducted site visits and interviewed industry-leading experts and practitioners working in the sector including senior leadership, site managers and project managers.

The report acknowledges that the construction sector is increasingly using technology such as AR, drones and semi-automated machines. However, the report explains that “the industry is far from realising the full scale of the opportunities”.

According to the report, the industry needs to upskill its workforce to improve digital competencies across all levels, from onsite workers through to senior management.

The report identified the following barriers to increased use of technology within the sector:

Responding to the research, the CITB made the following recommendations:

The CITB has outlined various common-sense approaches to facilitate the industry’s digital future. Nevertheless, this will still require the support of employers and key stakeholders within the sector. As the CITB acknowledges, there must be a shift in attitudes towards digital technology as the industry must be “motivated to modernise”.