AI to make our life better? 2019 may be the year!

08 January 2019 11:00 AM | #Market Research

The continued increases in AI and blockchain development and advances in hardware have impacted on all areas of life and industry and as we start 2019 one can only imagine what the next decade holds.

2018 saw the launch of the first foldable smart phone which was launched by Royole  - a tech based company located in California.  2018 also saw the launch of electrocardiogram functionality in Smart watches by Apple and also Withings.

Continued advances in blood sugar monitoring technologies have seen a number of significant improvements made to the lives of those suffering with conditions such as Diabetes.  Blood sugars can be monitored through sensors reading data without the need to prick the skin and results sent to an App on the users smartphone or tablet.

Organisations are now focusing on the application of technology and software in the ophthalmology market – a sector that generated global revenues of £17bn in 2016 and which is estimated to be worth £27bn globally by 2023. 

The development of liquid lenses which automatically adjust to focus, or using liquid crystals in glasses lenses to change focus at the touch of a sensor (as developed by TouchFocus) is already impacting on the need for separate glasses for close work and distance.  

EyeQue – a company based in California have developed technology which enables a smart phone to be used to test eye sight.

The Company’s website claims that their technology provides an affordable, self administering low cost testing solution which will provide eye tests to many who cannot access existing services all over the globe.

The software delivered through an App works in conjunction with their hardware devices.  The high resolution infrastructure of modern smart phones enables users to self-administer the eye tests for visual acuity, contrast and colour and hopes soon to be able to offer methods and testing for macular degeneration and peripheral vision.

The EyeQue App then stores the results enabling the user to order glasses and contact lenses online and maintain an online record of eye health.