Black Friday: should you be getting in on the action?

With Christmas around the corner, Black Friday might just be the hottest date in your diary. As prices are slashed across thousands of retailers worldwide, both businesses and customers can benefit immensely from this holiday, whether it be nabbing yourself a bangin’ deal or reeling in a stream of new customers.

#Business Resources - 24/11/2016

Implantables – getting ‘inside’ future tech

In the last few years sales in the wearable tech market have sky-rocketed, with one in six consumers currently owning and using wearable devices. As the market for wearable tech continues to boom, with a forecasted market value of $25 billion in 2019, it’s not surprising that the worlds’ tech wizards are looking for their next niche, and it’s expected that implantable devices will replace wearables by 2023.

#Business Resources - 17/11/2016

Tech start-ups: are your ideas protected?

When you are a start-up, contracts and intellectual property protections are not, understandably, at the forefront of your mind. However, protecting your ideas and creations is just as important as getting your business off the ground.

#Business Resources - 19/10/2016

Starting a tech start-up? Now's the time to protect it

Starting a new business? Now’s the time to draft a tax efficient Will and protect both you and your business with a power of attorney.

#Business Resources - 14/10/2016

Wearable technology is improving the safety of the Construction Industry

Wearable technology is now being used in the construction industry to make data driven decisions and evaluate the way employees work on a daily basis.

#Business Resources - 30/09/2016

Controlling Legal Cost: A brief guide for startups

Small, agile, businesses frequently report that legal services are too expensive and too opaque, and it is no surprise that these businesses end up turning to existing sources of advice in an attempt to deal with legal problems.

#Business Resources - 30/09/2016

Caution, entrepreneurs! Navigate these pitfalls at your own peril!

At Forbury Investment Network we have the pleasure of interacting with a large number of early stage businesses. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to interact with founders who are intelligent, passionate and energetic. However, we do also see a number of these individuals succumb to pitfalls which drastically reduce the odds of success for their businesses.

#Business Resources - 04/07/2016

Managing Cybersecurity in Your Business

Cyber attacks can lead to all sorts of crises and they don’t just stop at preventing you from getting on with your business. You might just find yourself in breach of your legal obligations.

#Business Resources - 13/05/2016

Employee Engagement for growing businesses

For all growing businesses, and for start-ups in particular, one concern which often appears at an early stage is the risk of dilution of the ethos of the organisation as new employees join who may lack buy-in to the founding concepts.

#Business Resources - 01/04/2016

The Internet of Things v Privacy: what it means for the workplace

The rapid development of the internet of things and monitoring technology in the workplace has brought into focus the tension between employees’ right to privacy and employers’ business interests

#Business Resources - 19/02/2016

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